F.R.E.S.H. is a great way for your children to stay active throughout the holidays, with a wide range of activities available such as rock climbing, archery, swimming crafts and many team sports! One of the main issues in today’s society is children not being active, which isn’t helped with the introduction of smart phones, tablets and gaming consoles.


Another great reason to bring your child to F.R.E.S.H. is the amount of new friends they make! Our staff always promote team work and helping each other, which creates a happy, friendly environment.


The timetable that we create specifically for each holiday has plenty of different/new activities that your children will enjoy. We try to incorporate a lot of sports and team games, however we also include crafts and problem solving activities which promotes free thinking and social skills!  We also incorporate trips to the swimming baths and other activities and games that we are proud to say has our children coming back every holiday!

A typical day at F.R.E.S.H…

Our last holiday club in the October half term was based around Halloween. We did a few craft activities where the children built haunted houses in groups using popsicle sticks – which turned out great! Once they had built them, they decorated them to make them look spooky. Our children also made Ghost Balloons. As well as Halloween themed activities, we also found out which of our children was the ultimate athlete by taking part in different challenges: bleep tests, sprint races, long jump, and plank challenge. Another popular activity we run with the children, which is a firm favourite every holiday club, is to play Hunters & Hiders. This is where our children build lots of dens using different pieces of apparatus around the sports hall. The children then take it in turns to be the Hunter, where they leave the hall. Our other children do their best to hide in the dens they have created. We then turn off the lights and let the Hunter in and they have to sneak around and find all of the Hiders. We find this is a great game which helps kids use their creativity to build their own dens – some do it in groups and others go alone!

We appreciate that childcare can be very expensive – especially in the summer. For the amount of time and activities we provide, we believe F.R.E.S.H. is great value for money. Most parents drop their children off the next day and let us know that their child went to bed way before their normal bed time because they have been so active – which makes a nice change to children spending their holidays glued to an xbox or a smarty phone!