Power Up Registration

Please complete the following form to register your child on to the Power Up scheme. As this is a fitness related scheme, health questions are mandatory.

  • By filling this form in, you are committing to securing a space on our scheme for your child.
  • Once complete, we will contact you to take payment/confirm eligability if on benefit-related free school meals. 
  • A free healthy meal will be provided Monday – Thursday for the first 4 weeks, as laid out in the guidance set out by the Department for Education. 
  • Power Up is a drop in gym/fitness programme between the hours of 12-6pm and as such is not holiday care. 
  • Daily dedicated classes are available as part of the Power Up scheme, which must be pre-booked in advance.
  • Fully qualified fitness instructors will be on hand to assist at all times and run the sessions. 
  • All participants will be required to adhere to Roefield Leisure’s Covid measures.

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    Your Date of Birth

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    School Name (required)

    Are you eligible for benefit-related free school meals?

    Do you have any allergies/dietary requirements?

    Please indicate YES or NO to the following questions:

    Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and recommended any medically supervised activity?

    Do you have chest pains brought on by physical activity?

    Have you ever developed chest pains in the last month?

    Do you ever suffer from dizziness that results in a loss of consciousness or falling over?

    Do you have a joint or bone problem that could be aggravated by exercise?

    Has a doctor ever recommended medication for your blood pressure or a heart condition?

    Has a doctor or other health professional ever told you not to participate in physical activity?

    Have you had Covid-19 and suffered from symptoms?

    Are you currently suffering from any signs or symptoms of Long-Covid, ie. chronic fatigue?

    I declare, to the best of my knowledge that I know of no reason why I should not participate in a Roefield exercise programme.
    I acknowledge that there are risks inherent to physical exercise, and I agree to abide by the verbal instructions given to me by the fitness instructor and will observe any written notices regarding safety whilst using the fitness suite and its equipment.
    I agree to notify the fitness instructor should there be any changes to my health which may affect my ability to perform physical activity.
    I can refrain from all or any part of the physical activity should I wish to do so.
    I will not hold the fitness instructor or Roefield Leisure responsible for any injuries sustained in an outdoor, uncontrollable environment. Risk assessments may not always be undertaken prior to activities and your own personal judgement must be relied upon for your own safety.
    Please select a response to accept/deny these terms and conditions.

    By completing this form I agree to the terms and conditions of use at Roefield Leisure and understand that the centre may contact me via email, SMS, telephone or post for the purpose of delivering the services to me. The information collected on this form (including but not limited to my personal data) will be used by Roefield Leisure and third parties approved by Roefield Leisure to enable the delivery of services.

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