F.R.E.S.H. Holiday Club

Fun @ Roefield Every School Holiday!

Our holiday club at Roefield is currently on hold due to guidelines relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.



We run some fantastic activities that children aged 8 to 13 may never have done before such as climbing, archery or swimming.  Our timetable below gives you an idea of the huge range of activities we put on for the kids.  As well as sports we also offer craft activities for children who enjoy being creative!

The staff at Roefield are here to make your child feel welcome and have as much fun as they can during their time off school!

All the activities are included in the price providing great value for money.  Our timetables vary each holidays but are always crammed full of fun and creative activities.  FRESH operates every holiday except December.

Key Information:

9am-5pm – £16 per day

8am-5pm – £21 per day

Lunch – £3 per day

☑  Sibling discount – 10%

☑  Childcare vouchers accepted

☑  Every school holiday apart from December

☑  OFSTED registered


Here’s an example of a full week at Roefield FRESH Holiday club:

For more information or to book your child’s place please call 01200442188 or leave your details below.

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