Fitness Ideas for Kids

Here are 4 great ideas to keep your child more active at Roefield:

  1. Join them up at the gym

  2. Book them in for a programme tailored to their goals

  3. Book them in with a Personal Trainer

  4. Bring them down to In The Zone

Health and Fitness has become a huge part of people’s everyday lives, and starting young is extremely important.  Here at Roefield we offer great facilities to help children get started in their fitness journey.

We allow kids aged 11-15yrs to use our main gym and have access to cardio machines and safe resistance machines, whilst being guided by our qualified personal trainers.

The gym is a great way to get your child active especially if they don’t have a sport that they like, the gym is also a great stress reliever if your child has exams coming up coming to the gym gives them a break from revision.

We offer free programming and personal training sessions to help your child if they need extra guidance.  To find out more about our junior gym click here.

And if they want more variety than just the gym then have you heard about In The Zone?  Every Saturday night between 5 and 7pm we kick out the adults and invite 9-14 year olds to use the sports hall, climbing wall, gym and aerobics studios.

So if your kids are looking for something to do after school, pick up a new hobby or improve their strength and fitness for a particular sport then we’ve got an activity for them.