Gymnastics as a sport enables children to become strong, fit and most importantly confident in a fun and exciting way.  It is based on the notion that gymnastics is a sport for everyone offering a variety of activities and programmes suitable for all genders and abilities for school aged children.

Roefield gymnastics club is a non-completive gymnastics club. Following on from the recent COVID-19 restrictions, we are pleased to announce that starting from Friday 18th September 2020, Gymastics is returning to Roefield. 

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines we are having to follow to enable the gym to remain open, we are operating slightly different to normal, meaning that our Gymnastics will also be operating slightly different. Please see below for changes:

  • Due to needing to ensure social distancing can remain in place, our sportshall is currently being used mid-week for our gym and aerobics classes. For this reason, we can only currently reintroduce Gymnastics on a Friday evening. This will be reviewed to try and reintroduce other sessions where possible. 
  • Sessions will for the time being be altered to 45 minutes to allow us to disinfect equipment used inbetween sessions. Session times will be 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. 
  • Whilst in gymnastics sessions, children will be assigned to a group of 8 and one coach. This will be your childs coach and bubble for the duration of the session. Each week, each bubble will stay in one area of the hall working on various gymnastics equipment and techniques. Each week bubbles will rotate so that all children experience the full variety of equipment we are able to provide. Bubbles will not mix and your childs coach will stay with them for the duration of the course.
  • Our coaches will be adapting the classes so that there is no contact/supporting. Supporting is an essential part of keeping gymnasts safe and avoiding injury, so coaches will only step in and support if needed for safety reasons.
  • Training intensity will be at a lower level to start with and gradually increase back to their pre-lockdown levels.
  • We kindly ask that if possible, parents drop their children off and return to collect, as unfortunately our waiting area remains closed. We do understand that for some this may not be an option. If this is the case, please speak with us individually and we can arrange a private place to wait, however this is limited due to spacing issues. 
  • Pre-school gymnastics will unfortunately not return straight away due to social distancing measures and spacing between groups. 
  • Places are available for the Friday sessions on a first come first served basis. Please email us on to reserve your child’s spot. You will receive a confirmation email, however we will not be taking any payments until the night of the first session, and payment will be made as normal for the full term.
  • Parents will be asked to sign a Health & Safety Agreement form on the first evening. To save time on the night, it would be helpful if you could download the form here, print a sign and bring with you.

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