General Changes & Floor Plan

In preparation for re-opening our doors, we have made several changes to how we will be running the centre. 

Have a look below at some of the main changes and familiarise yourself with the new floor plan. 

One main change is that we are now a COVID-19 Response Approved centre, as approved by UK Active – meaning you can be sure we are following all the correct and relevant guidelines for your return.  

Brand New Layout
Space is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest – and we have lots of it! In order to ensure every customer, visitor, member and staff member remains safe, we have utilised the sports hall and spread the gym out – giving you a brand-new gym layout! You will find all the gym equipment spaced out evenly between the main fitness suite and the hall, with a mixture of kit in each room. This is so that we can ensure each piece of kit is socially distanced and we don’t have to put anything out of order. Each room will accommodate for every level of fitness and you will find something you can use in each room. You will also find spray bottles at every single piece of kit to allow you to wipe down and ensure cleanliness before and after each use. 

Dedicated Yoga & Pilates space
The aerobics studio will now become a dedicated yoga and pilates space. This means that classes can be spread out more to allow for members to take part in a safe space and at the correct distance from other members. No other classes will take place in this room, minimising the risk of equipment sharing due to no equipment being used. The room will remain at the correct temperature for the classes and will not be changed due to no other high impact classes taking place in there. 

New Aerobics programme / Active Gym 
We have moved the aerobics studio into half of the sports hall to allow all members to ensure they are correctly distanced from other members. This means classes do not have to change as the room is bigger, making it better for you. Our timetable includes all your favourite aerobics classes – including spin and Body Combat –  which will take place in the hall. When taking part in any class, each member will have their own ‘zone’ which will give everyone a safe space to participate in. 
Alongside our aerobics and gym changes, we are are also running  our successful Active Gym programme. This will see large, spaced out group circuit sessions with lots of availability. We currently have a separate group circuit timetable, alongside sessions specifically aimed at 60+.