Indoor climbing is an increasingly popular form of rock climbing performed on artificial structures that attempt to mimic the experience of outdoor rock. The first indoor climbing gym in the U.S. and Canada was established in Seattle in 1987. The first indoor climbing hall in the world was inaugurated in BolzanoItaly in 1974.  Roefield has been offering climbing at the centre since it opened in 1992 and has an amazing 9-metre wall and bouldering wall.

Indoor and outdoor climbing can differ in techniques, style and equipment. Climbing artificial walls, especially indoors, is much safer because anchor points and holds are able to be more firmly fixed, and environmental conditions can be controlled. During indoor climbing, holds are easily visible in contrast with natural walls where finding a good hold or foothold may be a challenge.

Tokyo 2020: the first Olympic Games when climbing will be part of the events calendar.

Bouldering, lead and speed climbing will all be included, and going there is Britain’s very own Shauna Coxsey. Coxsey started climbing at a young age, and has since won various competitions, finally securing herself a spot at Tokyo 2020. 

At Roefield, we recognise that sports are important to children and we also recognise that the traditional sports may not interest a lot of kids – which is why we offer climbing from age 8. You could start your journey to the next games or even just look at trying a new and exciting activity by coming along to one of the courses or clubs run here at Roefield.  Both the clubs and courses are run by myself, a dedicated & qualified climbing instructor.

You don’t have to be spiderman/woman to have a go. Most people who start climbing have a very sensible attitude towards climbing too high, but don’t let that stop you. As long as you are between 8yrs old and whenever (age is no barrier!), we can help you overcome this, teach you how to keep yourself and others safe in the wall and who knows: one day we may be reading about you and your climbing exploits at the Olympics!

Shaun, Roefield Climbing Coach

Shauna Coxsey
Roefield's Indoor Climbing Wall