5 Ways to stay on track with your fitness goals

1 – Plan

At the start of the week schedule what classes you are going to attend or specific times to go the gym and put it in your diary. You are more likely to commit if you are already planned ahead.

Try to plan and prep your food for the week within that schedule. Good nutrition is key to achieving your physical fitness goals and you will feel less stressed if your fitness routine is planned ahead.

If you need any support with your plan ask a member of our fitness team who will happily work out a schedule with you.

2 – Make small goals

Don’t set a goal that is unachievable. Be realistic. Sometimes a smaller goal such as being able to do a pull up, learning how to squat technique or feeling more confident entering an aerobics class will make you feel better than trying to ‘lose 4 stone in a week’!  Make your goals unique to you and once you have achieved them, set some more.

3 – Find a gym buddy

Working out with a relative, friend or gym buddy will keep you motivated while you are trying to achieve your goals. Make a pact that if one of you is feeling like you’re going to quit, the other one will drag you both to that dreaded class or gym session. You will be thankful you made it there at the end the session!

Roefield have a refer-a-friend incentive so if you’re already a member and want to introduce a friend to the centre then you will receive a free month once they join.  Help them get started with a free 7-day fitness pass here.

4 – Keep a log

Its good to measure your progress whether it’s testing your fitness, weighing and measuring or taking photos!  If you’re working hard and committing to your fitness journey then you will be bound to see results, which will not only spur you on to keep going but give you the confidence to keep pushing your boundaries.

Using one of our programme cards to track your workouts may help.  The fitness team can then help keep you on track by monitoring your exercise levels.

5 – Don’t beat yourself up for having a bad day

We all have bad days and can easily fall off the wagon at any time, whether it’s the stresses of work, family commitments or feeling poorly, the stresses of life can get in the way of your training. Try not to let one bad day ruin your progress and all the hard work you have done. Forgive yourself and get back on with smashing your goals… always remember why you started.

For more motivational tips just speak to the fitness team on your next visit or if you’re a member then book a free 1-to-1 session.

Happy training!